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A blog about firsts

Firsts are always life-changing. Think about your first love, your firstborn or your first time venturing into something new.

Our first flower bouquet came from our loved ones.

Our passion for flowers was discovered when we were preparing for our wedding – flipping through bridal magazines stirred within us a deeper sense of appreciation for flowers.

They have become a necessity to a more wholesome life. Imagine a wedding without flowers… Imagine the world without flowers…it will stinks, literally.

Here is a  photo of our first floral arrangement. We are amazed how choosing the right category of flowers will transform a simple arrangement. This arrangement is made up of bird nest ferns, calla lilies and cymbidiums.


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Can’t wait for Monday

So excited to implement some new ideas that have been on our minds. You know you love what you are doing when you can’t wait for Monday (restocking day) to come.

Wedding Production Day 1

We were at the fresh flower market this morning and there was really a lot of shipment of flowers except for the one we have in mind though – Fresh flowers colours and types are subject to seasons.

We have finished conditioning all the flowers and done mockups for table garlands and flower curtain for the dinner venue today. To ensure longer life for the fresh flowers, we trim off leaves from each flower using floral scissors.

We must say that we are very thankful for the studio space and venue that was kindly offered to us on serendipity and as such, we can have a more efficient space for production. 🙂

Here is a picture of the table garland mock-up we have done in the studio!

Tomorrow, we will be doing a mockup for the church pews! Stay tuned!


It’s 2.30am now and we have just finished with the list of to-dos for an upcoming 2 day (Yes, 2 days!) wedding happening on 9 & 10 December. It’s so exciting and just a little stressful (thankful for great collaborators and helpers who mostly compliments us!) at the same time but we decided we will do our best and let God do the rest. It’s as though we are the ones getting married! Haha.  Can’t believe we are gonna DO IT, it’s so surreal. We are thankful for this opportunity.  Come to think of it, just about one year ago, we were taking a baby step to taking lessons in flower arrangements. Share more soon! Good night for now!



Flowers helps to express what is upon her heart. It’s the words that you don’t say that counts… 😉
This unique table centerpiece is beautiful all around!

Why you need flowers on your wedding

I was appalled when my friend told me her groom to be said there is no need of flowers. “How can there be no flowers for your wedding!?” I exclaimed.

I  then told her how beautiful her photos will turn out and how the flowers will contribute to the ambiance of the occasion. I was glad she said wanted flowers for her wedding after a week later!

It is also important that a bride has something to hold in her hands because that is a beautiful and safe way to avoid putting on a negative body language for her wedding photos.

For the groom, a mini bouquet on his jacket is a must to match his bride! No excuse.

Flowers used: Eucalyptus leaves, Erica, Blushing Bride, Kenya Roses and Spray Roses


Lavenders in Paradise

Specially designed for a friend!

FullSizeRender 24

Flowers? What’s so good about them?

  1. Reliable research shows that human beings are designed to live with nature.
    Moods are scientifically proven to improve when one behold the sight of a flower. A sense of well-being comes over them. The fragrance they exude is a natural scent diffuser adding to the sense of well-being. Therefore, a beautiful arrangement in your home = happier home!
  2. Flowers fade quickly, here today gone a week later.
    Surprised? Well, think about it. No one likes to see the same thing every month, every year, even as human beings we change our clothes daily (hopefully). So because they do fade, this means you can save space for a while and not have to think about how to store it. As I am writing this blog entry, a song plays in the background: “I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow, a wave tossed in the ocean…”One thing we want to clarify quickly, Shalomfloral’s arrangements are definitely not a “here today, gone tomorrow” because of the type of flowers we use for our arrangement. More on this later.Of course, there are many wonderful benefits flowers can offer, we will share more in the upcoming blogs, so stay tuned!




Caring for your table floral arrangement

A relationship thrives when there is ongoing love and respect for each other. Likewise, showing care towards your floral arrangement will help to prolong the life of your arrangement.

Gary Chapman says there are 5 love languages and we believe we can apply the 5 love languages on our floral arrangements too. Read on to find out!

  1. Words
    We know this seems like an oddball theory but no harm trying on your arrangement, after all, words do carry life. Or if you prefer, you can say nothing at all (especially when you know, your breath – is not at the freshest (Don’t take this too seriously).
  2. Time
    Spend time to admire it, it will give back – refreshment to your soul. It also helps you to spot dead petals or leaves which you can then remove. You would want to remove the hideous withered leaves, don’t you?
  3. Gift
    Humans need food so do flowers! Add some flower food in the water.
  4. Touch
    Feel the stems to gauge the strength of the stem. The stronger the stem, the healthier the flower is.
  5. Action
    A floral arrangement needs fresh water too just as humans need fresh water for drinking daily.Change the water in the vase every day and do not spray water on the petals and leave.

With all the above done, your arrangement should last a week or two.

Care for someone today – place an order with us!

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